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Iceland RAK Tickets

Ras Al Khaimah is located on a desert region and the sun shines on the huge buildings with all its pride. Due to the latest technology and perfectly air-conditioned malls and buildings, one can never feel the heat indoor. The Iceland Rak gives you more than that. The artificial snow covered mountains makes you feel the breeze of snow in desert.

The criteria for giving the Iceland Rak tickets are allocated on the basis of height. The entrance for the kids less than 0.8 m is free while the height less than 1.2m is considered to be a kid. To ensure the safety and make the most thrilling experience, it is made compulsory that the child should be accompanied by an adult. The ticket for such children cost AED 100, while the one who is more than 1.2 m is considered to be an adult and will pay AED 150 as a ticket. Once taken the Iceland Rak Tickets, then you are free to use any ride for as long as you would like to.

There are special packages of Iceland Rak tickets available as well. For school groups that wanted to make a trip full of adventure, there are many amazing packages for them and the buffet will be available for just AED 125. The children can spend the full day with amazing fun activities and can enjoy the food at nominal price. There are also deals available for the colleges and institutions that also includes buffet for just AED 150. To ensure that your each visit is as promising as the previous, the Iceland Water Park also offers passes for the frequent fun lovers. There are three extraordinary passes that gives you one locker free everytime you visit the park and discount on the park other amazing attractions like food and cabana. It also offers you discount on bringing a guest with you, but the number of guest is limited on each visit. The prices vary on each card and are differentiated by the colour; silver, gold, and diamond pass.

If you want to take the adventure in VIP way, then VIP passes by Iceland Rak is the must have asset. The pass gives you many offers free of cost. The pass for adult cost AED 300 while for children it cost AED 200. The Iceland Rak Tickets give all the VIP treatment by free usage of many items, like soap, shampoo, and towel and the 50 % off on the interesting visit to cabana as well. To ensure the privacy for the VIP pass holder there will be a separate room for changing and you will be welcomed by a spectacular drink at Iceland Rak.

The Iceland Rak tickets gradually changes the prices and the offers as well. There are seasons in which the park witnesses the large number of visitors, so there are many exciting offers for those seasons. Now the park also offers online booking in which after giving the necessary details about the payment mode, a ticket will be allotted and can be used by simply taking its print out as given by the company.

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