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Iceland RAK Rides

Whenever you plan for a holiday trip, you only donít look for your own exciting package but one needs adventure for the kids as well. Famous theme parks around the world are catching a large number of visitors and pooling in the country economy. These theme parks not only serve children but are also a great source of entertainment for adults as well. No doubt, that Ras Al Khaimah gives the immense pleasure experience of shopping, but, if it is said that it is also a great source of adventure as well, then that is a fact too. Iceland Rak is the perfect example for that. The huge water park is all about rides and fun.

The park covers a huge area and gives some of the best riding experiences in Middle East. Located at just few minutesí drive from Dubai, Iceland Rak rides are not only about waterfalls but gives the amazing experience of fabulous rides. The most interesting is the artificial waterfall. The largest waterfall has the penguin theme and water flows in forms of heavy gallons after every minute. There are gaps between the heights of waterfall and one can stand there and manually select the height of fall. For all the soccer lovers, aqua soccer at Iceland Rak is the one stop for you. The game played under the water shower gives you fun like you never had before.

The scuba diving in the coral reef is seems like a real sea experience as a real fish will be accompanying you in that. The arctic wave pool is just as you are exploring the arctic region. With penguins and snow-covered mountains, diving is a thrilling fun at Iceland Rak. For all the dancing feet, penguin bay is a must visit portion of the park. It is basically a dancing pool that gives the impression of timeless dancing under the rain. The showering water and endless music is a true fun packed place and has the large capacity for accommodating around 2000 people. Apart from the penguin fall, there are other numerous waterfalls as well and each one is as promising as the others in Iceland Rak.

Another most attractive feature in Iceland Rak is the mount tempest that attracts you by its perfect imitation of glaciers. The artificial snow covered mountains makes you feel cold even in the sunny desert. Apart from these huge waterfalls, there are also miniature pools and rides for the children under 10 years of age group. The kidís cove is a promising fun place for kids in Iceland Rak. The park offers overall 12 slides for kids but there are other numerous attractions as well.

Snow River, great tornado, snow village, and beach side goodies are the unique fun experiences. Iceland Rak is a huge water park with all the fun packages. Complete information about the rides can be taken from the official website of the park.

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