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Iceland RAK - Nearby Hotels

Iceland Rak provides the some of the best recreational activities. A whole holiday’s trip can be planned to take some time out from hectic routine and spend the most entertaining moments in snow under the sun. For planning a longer trip for the sake of park trip, you must be looking for some nearest hotels. Below is a list of some world class hotels that provides quality time to its customers and makes you feel like home.

From just few miles away from Al Manar Mall, the Hilton RAK is a luxury hotel with a wide swimming pool and perfect system of air conditioning. The large hotel rooms have an amazing décor and reflect the modern facilities of a bathroom. The hotel has mouth-watering food lounges in which fresh and tempting seafood is available at Hoof n Fin while Al Khorhas the traditional flavours of Arabian food. The hotel is just few minutes’ drive away from RAK airport and commercial area0. The Hilton Hotel near Iceland Rak also offers a wonderful resort with the relaxing and modern spa. It is considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels near Iceland Rak.

The cove Rotana Hotel near Iceland Rak is just few miles away from RAK airport. The hotel owns a beachfront and has perfect flavors of various cultures at its 6 restaurants. These restaurants are specialized in Chinese, Mexican, Arabian, and Italian food. The rooms have the trendy furniture in Arabian style and equipped with the modern technology. Rooms that have small balcony give the breath taking view of the beach. There are numerous recreational activities offered by the hotel that includes gym, golf, and water sports that reminds you of the fun at these hotels near Iceland Rak.

One of the other traditional Arabian style hotels near Iceland Rak is Bin Majid hotel that is situated on a sandy beach covered by a lush garden. The palm trees seen by the lavishing windows of the hotel rooms are an immense pleasure. The hotel serves on international standards as it has 2 nightclubs that run on live basis. The rooms are equipped with the modern and luxury furniture. The restaurant at the hotel is specialized in local as well as international dishes. Recreational activities are also available for the clients. The hotel staff strictly believes on the customer satisfaction up to the maximum standards. It is considered to be the best entertaining hotel near Iceland Rak.

The capital hotel is also one of the popular hotels near Iceland Rak. The hotel rooms are the beautiful combination of modern as well as traditional Arabian style. The nightclub is available at the hotel with other recreational activities. The hotel restaurant is also specialized in modern and traditional food.

There are numerous other hotels near the Iceland water park. Each hotel promises to provide the best facilities due to its location near the spectacular destination of Ras Al Khaimah.

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